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Hiking to Perspective with Reiki

Hiking To Perspective With Reiki

I love to do meditative work with Reiki outside in nature. It is easiest for me to feel at one with the Universe there and I feel that I am more open to receiving messages this way as well. Recently I read Sonia Choquette’s book, “Walking Home”. In the book she writes about going on […] Read more

Connect with nature

If you are attuned to Reiki, but find yourself drifting out of practice, now is the time to take charge and bring your energy work back into focus. We all know the importance of self healing, but how many of us remember to make this a priority every day? It is easy to get distracted […] Read more

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One weekend, years ago, I went to the town of Mendocino, on the California Coast.  It was a sunny, warm and beautiful day as I walked on the beach near Little River, which was unusual weather for that time of year.  I found an old piece of driftwood and felt compelled to sit down.  As […] Read more

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