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Mermaids, Symbolism & Reiki

Mermaids, Symbolism & Reiki

Reiki brings a new awareness into your life that is unsurpassed. It opens you up to life force energy and allows the universe to communicate with you like never before. Synchronicity will run rampant through your life and you will most likely notice the universe communicating with you through symbols. Often what happens is that […] Read more


How many of us have had the experience of absurd things happening in our lives after a Reiki attunement? The 21 days cleansing is a chaotic crazy time for most of us. While it gets rid of unwanted stuff from our lives, it also brings in gifts that are so needed to become a good […] Read more


Using this technique, Reiki practitioners can connect with people on a physic level. When doing this, center your attention in the forehead, the third eye chakra. In doing so, the dream and reality tend to merge into one, empowering the energy of thoughts to reach anywhere. You need to be attuned to Level 2 (Advanced) […] Read more

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