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“Perfect Body” through Reiki

I was once surfing my Instagram profile and there was a beautiful quote I came across: to have a beach body you need to be at a beach and have a body! It was simple, funny yet such a deep and profound quote. We keep criticizing our body and our self for not being good […] Read more


Using Reiki to Love Your Body

Using Reiki to Love Your Body

There is a huge push in the world media for everyone to lose weight, be fit, and be the correct size for the current fashion. It can begin to make you feel terrible about yourself, as if there is some specific impossible standard that remains somewhat (or drastically) out of reach for many of us. […] Read more


Release the Weight

Healing Crystals

How many of you have tried anything and everything you come across to lose weight? Have you tried exercise, joining gym, diet pills, dieting and following diet plans with no result? Let us put an affirmation along with little exercise and careful diet for few months and see the result. This method you have to […] Read more

Mountains of Five Flowered Lake

Overall – This is a case study of a 30 year old man, lets call him Saurav and how Reiki healed him in a way that was beyond our expectation. The Case – Saurav was struggling with weight issues for quite sometime, and was gradually losing confidence. He wanted to lose weight so he could […] Read more

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