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johannes verheijden



Over the years many Reiki modalities have come up all with their own frequency, quality, symbols, history, “founders” etc. With many or few practitioners, for special occasions, “business or pleasure”. All variations on a theme. And as always when there is change and growth and progression and eager flag bearers that are treading on rough […] Read more

Reiki Help Treating Autism

https://reikirays.com/podcast/ReikiRaysPodcast0019_M43.mp3 Ask your own question here, and find the transcript for this podcast below. Question by Shimah: How does Reiki help specifically in treating autism? Answer by Johannes Verheijden: Hi Shimah, good afternoon, Johannes speaking. Thank you for your question. It is quite a difficult matter to treat autism. Autism is a situation where the brain is […] Read more


The Wonder of Energy

The wonder of energy

The wonder of energy, the simplicity of energy, the beauty of energy, the stillness of energy, the colours of energy, the love of energy, the lightness of energy… Have you ever felt it? Have you ever connected to entities that are able to share their energy with you other than human beings? Have you ever […] Read more


Searching for the Truth


The sun burned mercilessly that morning. Hakim sat under one of the few trees that gave a bit of shade and looked at the goats he had to herd. Normally he would not think about his life at all, but would just get up every day, wash his face, get dressed and take the goats […] Read more


The wonderful thing about Reiki is that you can do group healing sessions from a distance. It is not necessary to work hands on, you do not need a table; neither you, nor your clients need to travel and you can reach an x-number of people at the same time. From the moment you have […] Read more