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Intentional Act of Love Making with Reiki

Funny and yet sad, that the reason, the how, the intentional act of love making, denominated and demonstrated with the sense of touch is what grabs us firmly in this physical reality. This world, this you and that I AM in living form, in agreement in and with life, so under acknowledged, way under sought-after […] Read more

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Reiki Energy Healing Guidelines

Greetings everyone. Here, I was guided to share the 9 Energy Healing Steps, for effective and successful healing sessions. I have encountered people who after practicing Reiki faced problems like carrying clients’ energies on their own energy fields, or they are attacked by psychic vampires that it actually demotivated them to follow healing practices. I […] Read more

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How to Phrase Healing Intentions Better and Reiki Box Tip

Are you familiar with the power of words? How these have energetic signatures? How they’re potent methods to speak and reprogram your subconscious? It’s no surprise that mantras and affirmations have become popular. Even when channeling Reiki, carefully written out scripts are continuously rehearsed and improved upon. Maybe before proceeding with this article, you could […] Read more


Healing for World Peace

Healing for World Peace

The World Peace day is observed on 21st September worldwide. We all know that Usui Sensei principles collaboratively take us to the world of peace, where only love & light prevails. Being Reiki channels, let us take a Reiki approach to raise the peace vibrations of our planet so that peace consciousness can be raised […] Read more

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Angels and Reiki

Article by Sue Wang At its essence, Reiki is about giving peace and love to others. The release, relaxation contributes to healing of the body and mind. For me, this beautiful energy also brings the gift of intuition, information from helpers and angels. It enriches the work within ourselves and with a client. I had experienced […] Read more