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heart chakra

Reiki Healing - A Natural Therapy to Improve Relationships

Reiki healing is a natural therapy to improve and to strengthen all types of relationships with family and friends for the people of all ages having physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues. What is the reason of imbalance in relationships? The imbalance in any type of relationships between two persons is due to the blocked […] Read more

Heal Your Grief through Your Heart Chakra

Grief – The mere mention of this word makes your heart sad. Nobody can explain how grief can be dissolved or taken away, as that pain is personal to each person. It’s a feeling that experiences tears flowing down your eyes without any words being spoken. These tears are basically feelings of unspoken love for […] Read more

My Journey in Reiki with Archangel Daniel

The name of my healing practice is Soniele Daniel Healing Miracle. Many people feel I have anglicised my name Sunetra Dasgupta to Soniele Daniel, but that is not the case. Soniele was the name given to me by my teacher and Archangel Daniel is my favourite Archangel, hence I combined the two names for my […] Read more


Heart Chakra Healing

Heart Chakra Healing

Do you feel stuck or trapped in a particular phase of your Life? Does your Heart break at the thought of things that might have been? Do you find it difficult to let go of past situations, people or things? Are there many regrets you have when you view your Life thus far, wishing you […] Read more

DNA Strands Activation and Hidden Codes - Spiritual Number 55

As per Quantum physics past, present and future all exist simultaneously and the concept of time is an illusion. We, humans, are part of this Cosmos, human beings are multidimensional personalities, not only existing in a 3D world that comprises of height, width and length along with additional dimension that is Time, but also human […] Read more

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