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How to Clean Your Reiki Box

When working with a Reiki box, it can easily get filled up, even to the point of it feeling “cluttered” with old requests. Obviously, something should be done – but what? The problem with cleaning it seems to be, for some people, a feeling of guilt on some level, or something similar. Perhaps as if we’re […] Read more


Q&A: Who Can Learn Reiki?

Sometimes, people wonder whether or not they can learn and practice Reiki. They heard or read about it in some context, and for some reason believe they have to do yoga, or to be able to meditate, or have some higher spiritual connection, as a prerequisite to learning. Who can learn Reiki? Short answer: Anyone! […] Read more


This questions pops up quite often, especially in the online world. And it’s quite normal to bring it up, when you hear about Reiki and how it can help with all sorts of issues. Will Reiki help me get pregnant? The short answer is: it depends. The longer answer is that Reiki always works for the […] Read more


Although Reiki can be defined as “life force energy”, really it can be applied to every living being and to every non living object. Who can benefit from Reiki? It can be given to any incident of the past or any event of future. In other words, we can only say that Reiki’s benefits are […] Read more


Some people wonder about Reiki, and whether or not it’s the same as, or a technique similar to, Faith Healing. Is Reiki a form of Faith Healing? Short answer is: No. Many people think that Reiki will not work on those who have no faith in its existence but that is not true. It’s not […] Read more

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