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Uses of Reiki

When my younger son was six months old he was attacked by Ecoli bacteria and suffered from diarrhea for almost 2 years. During the two years I tried all the available sources of medicine like Homeopathy, Allopathy, Ayurveda, Mantra, and many more, but nothing worked. A fine day, I was asked by my boss Mr. […] Read more


All about Antahkharanas

Antahkaranas 3

Greetings… I am guided to share information of everything about antahkharanas. I usually encourage all healers to incorporate antahkharana in their healing sessions. You can even motivate your clients (in person or distant) to use the same. History – Antahkharanas were given about 1 lakh year ago – during the time when Reiki was brought […] Read more

The path to self-transformation -How Reiki and life skills are connected

Article by Ranjini Rao As human beings all of us have our innate qualities. We as human beings are also bound to self-belief systems that have shaped our behavior, attitude, experiences, created by our own self, influenced by our family, friends, relatives, teachers and society. We are so conditioned throughout our lives that we come to a […] Read more


What Are In Your Dreams?

What Are In Your Dreams

Dreams are simply fascinating! There are literally hundreds of books available to help us with interpreting and understanding the dreams we have while sleeping. It is common for people to report more vivid and meaningful dreams after Reiki treatments and attunements. Let’s explore this phenomenon. One benefit of Reiki is living in a more relaxed […] Read more


Reiki Energy Walk

Reiki Energy Walk

Reiki has been described as a universal life energy that permeates the universe. It is always available, existing in all times and places. Through our attunements to Reiki levels I, II and Master, we learn to become expressions for this universal life energy, acting as clear conduits for this force to flow where it is […] Read more

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