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7 Essential Oils to Enhance your Reiki Healing Session

Reiki is in itself a powerful form of healing but combining it with other forms of energy healing and modalities can enhance the experience both for practitioner and client. And one of these modalities is aromatherapy that can now be used as a stand-alone practice. For those of you who are new to this field, […] Read more

Exploring Other Energy Healing Modalities

For many of us, experiencing and learning how to do Reiki was the entry into the world of energy healing and other holistic concepts. We may have expanded our beliefs about healing from western-world “fixes” to a deeper understanding of how the mind, body and spirit aspects of ourselves must be at the core of […] Read more

Stress Management and Holistic Well-Being Techniques

What is Stress? Psychologists define it as a feeling of strain and pressure. But I would define it as the worst factor that causes lagging in our everyday performance and many health issues as well. Stress caused by many factors daily, studies, high expectations, or even something as simple as not having eaten for a […] Read more

Essential Oil for Reiki Practitioner

Much has been written about the use of essential oils and their role in Reiki. Probably too much has been said and here I am adding something more. You will see there is a difference in what I am about to reveal to you and what has been previously written. A couple of definitions will […] Read more

Recalling our Angels with Aromatherapy

Article  by Jessica North-O’Connell Angels have always been with us. As a very little girl, I remember learning about how each of us humans has our own Guardian Angels, although I have since learned these Beings may be more properly called Devas. Many of the stories I grew up with featured Angels as well, though […] Read more