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Enjoy this week’s cards revealed:

Reiki Guidance

1. Limitless (Top)

There’s nothing here to stop you! Except yourself… This card invites you to contemplate and reflect on your limiting beliefs, inner blockages, and fears. You have greatness in you, many opportunities are unfolding and still, nothing happens. Your wings are wide open but you’re not flying. Yet! It’s time to flourish! Give yourself the recognition you deserve. Stop believing what others are saying. You are strong and capable of anything! Just give yourself permission to feel successful, competent, and able to fulfill all your dreams. Set aside your limiting beliefs and people and truly feel the magnitude of who you are and what you’re able to achieve. You possess the power and the free will to create whatever benefits your soul. Reclaim your personal power and assume who you truly are. No more hiding, no more fear of failure, and no more fear of being way too awe-inspiring and complex than your mind can ever comprehend. Cut away from your list all the limitation set out by others or self-imposed. Empower yourself every day and don’t wait for others to decide your journey. Awaken the greatness within! Your true self awaits beyond your self-imposed limitations.

Reiki Tip: Take responsibility for your life and cut cords using Reiki. If you are surrounded by toxic persons with great influence on yourself, remember that all they’re saying is not about yourself but themselves. It’s simply projection. Life will never judge you. It has only admiration and respect for all your journey.

2. Healing (Middle)

Have you ever thought about your life as being entirely an invitation to healing? Thinking on a higher perspective, we are all here to heal the separation between us and Divinity. We are here to restore that divine connection and return Home. Everyone works on some level of healing, some being more complex and profound than others. This card comes today and asks you: What healing mission have you assumed in this life? Is there something you keep pushing away from your life? Something you don’t wish to see or be seen about yourself by others? Something you don’t allow yourself to feel and not even think about it? There hides your deep healing. There lies your true self and your “healing wound” mission. Congratulations on all the steps you already took and have faith because more healing is right around the corner! Your painful life experiences are here to press the wound you don’t want to see at some level. Open yourself towards healing and make sure this happens on all levels. Physical illness requires more than focusing on physical healing but once the healing manifests on the physical body, the process is complete.

Reiki Tip: Creative Reiki self-healing daily. Instead of following the self-healing technique learned, this time start with three deep breaths to calm your mind, then call in Reiki and let yourself be guided by the wisdom of your physical body. Relax and let the body speak. Let the body guide you towards healing. Let the body show you the way. There are no rules. Just be there present in your physical body for at least 15 minutes a day.

3. Grounding (Bottom)

If you aren’t grounded, you’re like a leaf in the wind – everyone can easily throw you off balance. Being well-grounded means to stay firm, centered and strong into who you are, similar to an old wise oak. Nature has its own hidden wisdom for those who listen to it and deep lessons can be learned from here. Nature teaches through presence, through silence, though being. It is vital for everyone to be grounded but especially empaths and highly sensitive people like energy healers. This card invites you to be fully present in your body, to connect to the sacred wisdom of Mother Earth and then through it, straight to your unlimited inner potential. Think of grounding as being a vessel where you pour down water; without a vessel, no water can be pour, no essence, no substrate. That’s the opportunity to express your role as a co-creator. If you want to set healthy boundaries, grounding is the shortest path. Your feelings of anxiety, fear, weakness and powerless, inactive and lazy, unable to act and focus, feeling unsafe will dissipate once you ground yourself. If you want to move from thinking your way through life to feeling and live it fully, grounding is the answer you were searching for!

Reiki Tip: There are many ways to ground yourself: meditation, walking barefoot, nature walks, grounding techniques and exercises, affirmations, eating grounding foods, exercising, working with soil, crystals for grounding, connecting with angels of Earth, conscious breathing, and so on. Choose the one you feel comfortable with and practice it daily for one month. You’ll see the difference. Grounding is the ABC of healing.

Reiki Rays Team

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