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Enjoy this week’s cards revealed:

Reiki Guidance Week XXXVII

1. Creator (Left)

Well, well… Look who’s ready to step forward into the next chapter of existence! Big shifts are coming in your life – be prepared for them! You are being invited to be a co-creator. But what does it mean to be a co-creator?! First, you need to start following your own inner guidance and go for self-mastery. From now on, you will become your own Master. Instead of listening to outer guidance, you’ll have to focus more on your inner guidance. Your path is unique and imprinted with your own soul essence, so looking outside for guidance will only create more confusion. All great inventors were criticized and judged for their unique way of seeing things, but this is what makes the world keep spinning and evolving towards its highest potential. Let go of that paralyzing fear of what others might say or think and fully assume your path! Move ahead and start creating! Be courageous, be brave and be authentic. Let your heart and mind co-create and also let the world see and enjoy your inner genius. Be free and be wild! There will be a time when we as light beings will return back Home to create planets and universes so let’s take this as training.

Reiki Tip: Listen to your inner guidance and start personalizing your Reiki healing sessions. Own your healing practice. Add your unique healing flavor to the process. Be authentic!

2. Quest (Middle)

There is a point in everyone’s life when we start to experience a deep feeling that there is something greater out there waiting for us than the limited aspects of the physical realm. Many people ignore this feeling and go on with their lives, while others choose to embark on a spiritual quest and experience the so-called process of awakening. The message of this card is to keep going. Have faith and courage to go deeper on your path because that’s the path to discovering who you truly are. Contemplate your own spiritual quest and try to specifically name it. Go deeper into what motivated you to start it and what “feeds” you from inside to continue this quest. Define what you’re looking for and remember: “what you seek is seeking you.” We just have to see it; to refine our consciousness until we’re able to see the Truth that we are.

Reiki Tip: Create a Reiki morning routine/affirmation to cleanse your daily path of any blockages or unnecessary karmic experiences. For example, you can use Reiki symbols, if you are guided to, and say this affirmation out loud: “Just for today, I choose to cleanse my path from any imbalances and step forward with unconditional love, acceptance, and deep faith. Thank you!”

3. Alignment (Right)

Not feeling like yourself? Do you feel out of balance? Do you feel something’s missing? Or maybe you lack purpose in your life? Then you need to align yourself with your true desires, your Higher Self, and through it, with the Universe, the Source itself. Aligning is the key to everything you want to achieve in life. This card invites you to access and manifest your greatest potential through alignment with your Higher Self. Align with your true desires so you can align with your Higher Self. Release thoughts that are out of alignment with the life you want to manifest.

When you are in alignment, you definitely know it because it feels so good! You have certainly experienced this state before, and it is ideal to make it your day-to-day way of being, feeling, and acting. Everything comes into place when you’re aligned. You start to allow rather than resist and struggle with the energy of life. You start to remember… Alignment is your natural state. No matter how far you might be feeling from your true purpose in life, it’s always possible to come back and realign with your Divine path.

Reiki Tip: Clear out what no longer serves you and make room for what does. Focus on working with your energy centers and align your chakras using Reiki. You can also use guided meditation for chakra alignment.

Reiki blessings!

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