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Enjoy this week’s cards revealed:

Reiki Guidance Week XXXIII

1. Past Lives (Left)

If you look around in nature, you’ll easily observe that all of life goes through a maturing process; it’s a pattern of change, growth, transformation, and evolution. Works the same for humans. This card indicates that you are an old soul (also known as the final stage of reincarnation) who has experienced many lives preparing for this moment – inner unity. Time has come to unify all your essences of manifestation and gather the quintessence of your knowledge and experience gained through the reincarnation system. Your essences of manifestation represent all the ways your soul used even since its divine origin in order to express itself and evolve. Let your wise soul guide you towards unifying your inner world. Focus on healing any disturbant energies from past lives by sending healing energy for all of those essences. Invite them to join forces with you and merge as a single free soul. Each past life you as a soul have experienced contains a unique lesson that needs to be integrated. Being an old soul has many advantages but also carries a tremendous responsibility to put all your wisdom in the service of the greatest good of all. Are you aware of all the inner strength, wisdom, and authority received over eons of time?

Reiki Tip: Use HSZSN or simply intend to send Reiki healing energy to all your essences of manifestation from your origin source until present moment. Be open to receiving messages, healing requests and guidance from any of those essences who need or wish to do so.

2. Passion (Middle)

Remember when you were a child waking up in the morning and feeling all that wave of excitement, joy, and eagerness to experience life in all its colors? What does it take to feel the same even now, as adults?

This card says it takes a passion fueled by vision and purpose to greet every single day with a high level of enthusiasm and pure childlike joy. What makes you tick? What feeds and fuels your soul? What makes your life alive?

Answer all the above because this card is reminding you that your passionate soul yearns to express itself in everyday life. The feminine energy is needed in your life. Here lies your power. Here lies your vitality. Here lies your fiery soul. Nurture your inner self and allow it to speak and come alive as often as possible. Don’t be afraid of your power. As long as you have vision and purpose, your passion will always find creative and healthy ways for all this creative bursting fire to manifest. Your soul needs something beneficial to focus on. Give a healthy voice to those uncomfortable feelings of anger, fear, hurt or disappointment. If you want to know the purpose of your life and move towards it, you need to allow your Inner Fire to speak out loud. And since passion is contagious, you passionately engaging with your life will also automatically invite others to join you in this Inner Fire wake-up call. Proactively bring passion to everything you touch, to everything you do. Your passion is your golden ticket towards your true work in the world.

Reiki Tip: Simplify your life and make room for playfulness, self-discovery, and exploration. Create a positive mindset and use Reiki-infused affirmations to build confidence in expressing your soul out into the world.

3. Relationships (Right)

Still frustrated by those people in your life who push your buttons and make you feel uncomfortable by rising up to surface all unpleasant childhood memories and inner traumas? What great gifts those people are to you! That’s the way to discover your deepest wounds that hold you back in life and point out your next steps into healing work.

This card invites you to take a look at your life’s relationships and treat all of them as awe-inspiring self-mastery tools. Each and every one of them has something to teach you about yourself and expresses an inner aspect you might not be yet aware of it. Take advantage of this opportunity of experiencing the Self through the eyes of another. Commit to a reliable path of profound transformation and mutual discovery through relationships. Be patient and observe the life experience you’re having with another human being. As tough as it might sound, the others are not here to make you happy and fulfill your needs but to make you conscious about yourself and your true inner power. Nurture those relationships where you no longer feel the need to hide because there lies true intimacy, authentic interconnectedness, and blessed vulnerability. Also, appreciate those other relationships that are teaching you how to set healthy boundaries and increase your self-love but gently say goodbye to their toxicity. Allow in your life those people that can support the higher sense of purpose you’re now seeking.

Reiki Tip: Use Reiki to set up and/or strengthen healthy and compassionate boundaries within your relationships. Set the healing intention that all healthy relationships to flourish and all inappropriate ones that no longer serve your highest purpose to end at once. Send distance Reiki and then use CKR or DKM symbol over your Throat chakra before interacting within any challenging relationships.

Reiki blessings!

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