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Enjoy this week’s cards revealed:

Reiki Guidance Week XXV

1. Vessel (Top)

It is time to deepen your healing journey in the most simple and fascinating but still challenging way! This card invites you to surrender and to live your life as an embodiment of divinity, so is your inner temple ready to allow the outer temple to express only the will of your spirit who is united in consciousness with all there is? It’s not easy to live like that on a daily basis. Embodying divinity into the physical realm always comes down to embracing thoroughly our humanity, our physical body which is the place where our spirit dwells.
To open the flow, you must be free of the aspects that may cause an imbalance within. Being free doesn’t mean waiting years and years for you to deal with all these situations which need healing; it simply means you have to let go. When you’re stuck in your own belief system, you’re closing the unlimited possibilities of the universe. And why saying we know who we are when in fact we don’t? You change from one minute to another, depending on your conscious and unconscious choices. By accepting to be nothing, you’re becoming everything; everything remains open to the possibility. Let go of your attachments, expectations, fears, and cleanse your emotional body. Take good care of yourself and love your physical body – that’s one of your true gifts from divinity this reality! Do not underestimate its great strength and capacity to move mountains! Use it wisely and always strive to be a vessel of love and light.

Reiki Tip: Spend as often as possible a few minutes in quiet meditation and visualize yourself as an empty vessel being filled with spiritually guided life force energy. The vessel can never be filled completely since it continuously shares with others from its living abundance. Expand this healing energy through all your bodies and beyond them, and surrender to its wisdom. Deepen this practice whenever you are offering Reiki to yourself and others by allowing the energy to flow freely and acknowledging that we are simply vessels through which the divinity speaks and acts.

2. Acceptance (Middle)

When things are not going your way, what’s the first reaction? Are you living in acceptance in all areas of your life or do you find it rather difficult to let go and accept reality as it is? This card has only one message for you: the Path of Acceptance awaits you. Are you willing to say “Yes” to life and let things simply be? The Path of Resistance is no longer suitable for your level of awareness; it is time to cultivate emotional acceptance and reduce your inner resistance and impulse towards control. Suffering, pain, loss, and injustice are inevitable and one cannot reject those without rejection also its own happiness, joy, peace, and truth. Just like Reiki works, you’re invited to meet everyone where they are. Try not to judge, save, control them; there is only one thing for you to do – accept them and reality as it is. Your life would be so much easier. Acceptance frees you to use your energy wisely and regain the power of emotional wellbeing. When you accept what it is, greater calm and clarity comes in, allowing your creativity and awareness to use those circumstances to create uncountable blessings in disguise.

Reiki Tip: Just for Today, I will live in acceptance. Make this your daily affirmation and start observing your resistance and judgemental patterns. Once observed, accept these also as part of our human nature but choose to rise beyond their vibration and reunite the human with the spirit.

3. Grounding (Bottom)

If you aren’t grounded, you’re like a leaf in the wind – everyone can easily throw you off balance. Being well-grounded means to stay firm, centered and strong into who you are, similar to an old wise oak. Nature has its own hidden wisdom for those who listen to it and deep lessons can be learned from here. Nature teaches through presence, through silence, through being. It is vital for everyone to be grounded but especially empaths and highly sensitive people like energy healers. This card invites you to be fully present in your body, to connect to the sacred wisdom of Mother Earth and then through it, straight to your unlimited inner potential. Think of grounding as being a vessel where you pour down water; without a vessel, no water can be pour, no essence, no substrate. That’s the opportunity to express your role as a co-creator. If you want to set healthy boundaries, grounding is the shortest path. Your feelings of anxiety, fear, weakness and powerless, inactive and lazy, unable to act and focus, feeling unsafe will dissipate once you ground yourself. If you want to move from thinking your way through life to feeling and live it fully, grounding is the answer you were searching for!

Reiki Tip: There are many ways to ground yourself: meditation, walking barefoot, nature walks, grounding techniques and exercises, affirmations, eating grounding foods, exercising, working with soil, crystals for grounding, connecting with angels of Earth, conscious breathing, and so on. Choose the one you feel comfortable with and practice it daily for one month. You’ll see the difference. Grounding is the ABC of healing.

Reiki blessings!

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