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Reiki Guidance Week XXIX

Enjoy this week’s cards revealed:

Reiki Guidance Week XXIX

1. Balance (Left)

Nowadays there are so many daily life stressors that we cannot avoid imbalances. Up and down … up and down. Isn’t this how we feel most of the time? Through practice, we are able to cultivate our resilience and awareness so we can consciously respond to any challenge we might be facing without losing the inner authenticity.
If you’ve been called by this card, you are very probably struggling to find a good balance in your life. The secret is to first start to balance within yourself! Asses your life as it is now and make a conscious decision to become balanced in all aspects of your life. Which are your stressors, distractions, and time-wasters? Simplify your life and let go of those or reduce them as much as possible. Find ways to relax, relieve tension, and minimize stress. Nurture your being. Allow time for self-care by practicing self-Reiki, daily journaling, meditation, and anything that cultivate a harmonious You. You don’t have to be good at it from the beginning. Life itself is an act of balancing so you’ll get better and better once you start practicing. Once you’re firmly grounded in your inner center, you won’t be participating anymore in the swings to the extremes, and your energy will naturally find balance. Also, don’t forget to focus on creating consistency around the practices or aspects that brought you into balance.

Reiki Tip: Use Reiki to balance your internal life energy. Byosen scanning can assist you in finding any imbalances and then send Reiki, particularly to that area or energy centers correspondent to that area. Also, use daily healing affirmations like “I am blessed with a beautiful well-balanced life.”

2. Journey (Middle)

Be prepared! Big shifts are coming in your life! You are now in the process of coming to an end in one life chapter and start a new one, which is more in tune with your higher self. I’m sure your intuition prepared you for this with insights and visions. Maybe you have read about those waves of consciousness and spiritual awakening – you are in! So your life will be restructured from the root – new healthy habits, beneficial opportunities, inspiring places, relationships, friends, and experiences, a new You. That’s the message of your card!
Give yourself permission to roam freely in every moment of your life. You are a free spirit and free spirits create their own path. If you encounter resistance from the old, do not fight back but look at it with compassion and acceptance. It is your own fear, your own protector trying to keep you safe in its old way of understanding safety. Simply encircle that resistance with unconditional love and let it flow, let it relax because you are and you will be safe. No need to worry! Only to be happy and excited! Remember your guides are always guiding you and your journey through this world, making sure all is in accordance with the highest good of all.

Reiki Tip: Try to scan your being and release all the stagnant energies, beliefs, behaviors. Simply let go of anything which might hold you back. Just like opening the windows to let the fresh air in, you have to open your being and let the new flow towards you.

3. Selfless (Right)

When the heart is filled with love, it expresses itself in the form of unselfish action and shares that pure happiness with authenticity. There’s no decision of helping others but a natural and normal thing to do so due to our interconnectedness. This card makes you an angel on Earth, a being descended here to be in service to humanity and life itself.
Similar to spiritual guides and celestial beings from higher realms, you are aware that ‘others’ means US ALL and their evolution means OUR evolution. Follow that selfless genuine and deep desire to help and support others’ evolution. All those fears of not having and being enough, all those desires of wanting and needing more are not part of your true self. Let go of selfish purposes like money, possessions, fame, prestige or reputation and pursue what truly matters for your soul – truth, happiness, unity, natural laws, inner growth for another person or people group.
You can be selfless in your actions only after you’ve been selfless in your love and all love starts with self-love so don’t abandon yourself for others but embrace humanity with yourself included and feel the interconnectedness. You only sacrifice your ego, not yourself.

Reiki Tip: Without any thought of reward or self-gratification, do at least one selfless act a day. It can be a smile, a warm meal, a healing request or even a gift. Feel that interconnectedness and expand it in your whole energetic field.

Reiki blessings!

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