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Enjoy this week’s cards revealed:

Reiki Guidance Week XXI

1. Alignment (Top)

You’re not feeling like yourself? Do you feel out of balance? Do you feel something’s missing? Or maybe you go through life without a purpose? Then you need to align yourself with your true desires, your higher self, and through it with the universe, the Source itself. Aligning is the key to everything you want to achieve in life. This card invites you to access and manifest your greatest potential through alignment with your higher self. Align with your true desires so you can align with your higher self. Release your thoughts that are out of alignment with the life you want to manifest.
When you’ll be in alignment, you’ll know it because you’ll be feeling so good! I’m sure you have experienced this alignment state before and you dream for it to become your day-to-day way of being, feeling, and acting. Your life will be full of joy, abundance, your physical and mental health will improve tremendously! Your physical body mirrors your alignment with your higher self so pay attention to it and feel its easiness and ‘going with the flow’; feel the happiness of every cell being and feeling in alignment with creation. Move through life guided by your divine purpose. Everything comes into place when you’re aligned. You start to allow rather than resist and struggle with this energy of life. You start to remember… Alignment is your natural state. No matter how far you might be feeling from your true purpose in life, it’s always possible to come back and realign with your divine path.

Reiki Tip: Clear out what no longer serves you and make room for what will. Focus on working with your energy centers and align your chakras using Reiki. You can also use guided meditation for chakras alignment.

2. Receive (Middle)

You might be tempted to believe is harder to give than to receive, but no! Receiving is always more difficult than giving, especially for healers and lightworkers. We may strive to love and heal others, but to what extent do we allow ourselves to be loved and healed? Can we allow ourselves to be nourished by another’s kindness? Maybe you heard that joke with a man who continued to pray to God to win the lottery, but nothing happened until God, tired of his neverending request, told him to be reasonable and meet him halfway through buying a lottery ticket. You are being asked to go buy your lottery ticket, meaning be open to receive! Don’t question whether you deserve it! Release any blockages, guilt, fear, or low self-esteem. Let go of control and stop filtering what you should receive and what you shouldn’t. You are worthy of abundance in all its manifestations, unconditional love, forgiveness, peace, joy, and freedom.
Right now, widely open your arms and say out loud: “Love, Abundance, Liberation, Happiness, here I Am! I am ready and willing to receive all my blessings!”

Reiki Tip: Practice the art of receiving every day. Create a Reiki Receiving Mantra and say it daily for at least 21 days. Believe it! Look in the mirror while saying it and feel how it opens you up from inside-out. And remember, open hands, open heart!

3. Practice (Bottom)

Many of us, unfortunately, don’t have time for any spiritual self-practice but how come there is always time for other things less important in our lives? Two things are really important on this path of building a new You: to be patient and definitely to not be a perfectionist. One may have great extraordinary experiences in a particular area if there’s an innate gift there but the biggest challenge and also the greatest way to honor this gift is to live it, develop it, and share it with the world. The day we plant the seed is not the day we eat the fruit coming from that seed.
This card reminds you to practice daily whatever is important for you and your growth and whatever feeds your soul from within! And this applies to any area of your life whether it is an exceptional spiritual, artistic, athletic skill, or talent in a given life area. It’s not about practicing – checking a 10-minute to 1-hour self-healing session on your daily To Do list – but about who you become while practicing it. For sure you know the importance of practicing and following your inner calling; usually, the issue is we cannot find the right motivation to start or to not give up the process of learning. Lack of motivation can have various hidden reasons, at least when it comes to self-healing practice: Do you truly want to have a healthier and balanced life or you think you don’t deserve one? Do you love yourself enough to be happy? Are you afraid to see yourself for the light that you are? Are you holding on too tight of your story and don’t feel like letting go? Are you afraid you might make mistakes in your practice or you might not be good at this? What’s your reason for not committing seriously to your healing transformation? Take time to honestly respond to this question and act upon it to be able to practice or deepen your practice. What doesn’t grow, it dies. Let your soul keep growing and expanding its light.

Reiki Tip: 21 days of Reiki self-healing. Try to create a habit of practicing Reiki – perform Reiki in the same place, similar hour, similar techniques, methods, and/or hand positions. Practice Reiki until not doing it becomes more difficult than doing it. 🙂 When you feel your new healthy habit is created, feel free to explore and be creative with your Reiki practice.

Reiki blessings!

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