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Enjoy this week’s cards revealed:

reiki guidance XVI

1. Listen (Top)

Listening is such a simple act and at the same time so complex! This card invites you to join the healing art of listening. Great healing is available when we listen to ourselves and to each other. Have you ever felt your soul truly being heard by others? Have you ever felt the deep gratitude of those who really felt heard by you? Listening requires presence and presence requires practice but you have to start now. You don’t always need to advise or coach others. Sometimes you just have to sit, listen, and automatically create moments in which healing is available for both parts. As you become quiet, open and start to listen, your soul’s voice will also become much clearer and present, guiding you passionately toward your true essence. Become a vessel of presence! Empty yourself from your own projections, beliefs, stories, and old mindset in order to really listen to your soul and the universe who speaks through all there is. Approach yourself and others with genuine compassion and let go of judgment. Distinguish between hearing and listening. When someone else speaks to you, listen with your whole being what they’re saying. Listen beyond their words; merge with their words and allow yourself to feel the emotion behind them without absorbing it. Listen to their soul. Be a witness of their story and the story will heal by itself. If you’re searching for meaningful, loving, and authentic relationships, listening is the key.

Reiki Tip: Practice listening starting with your physical body. You can regularly do Kenyoku Ho, dry brushing, and allow yourself to feel gratitude for your body. Imagine love flowing in and out your cells through your breath. In this space of oneness and healing, invite any parts of your body to express themselves in any way they feel the need to and share messages or guidance.

2. Love (Middle)

Love, the most powerful force of the universe! Love shows the way and lights the path, holding all things in place. Nothing can be truly made without love because this is the cement of all there is. If you have chosen this card, it means you need to invite love into your life and allow it to flow freely through your being. Feel and radiate love for all there is and practice gratitude consistently. There is a saying, “If you want to help others heal, love them.” No matter our past, we are all worthy of love. Especially You! This is an invitation to live in the love vibration and to remember your true essence.
Love sees life in everything and you can use it to develop and expand any other divine qualities you seek; it might be patience, kindness, compassion, respect, trust, or any other.
On a daily basis, make sure to always choose love above fear.

Reiki Tip: Practice Reiki love exercises and healing meditations. Develop a daily gratitude practice. And at least once a day, let this vibrant feeling of love overflow your heart, then expand it in your energy field and even beyond. It works as a healing remedy for any blockage or negative energy and also protects you.

3. Elements (Bottom)

Many world philosophies are teaching us on how the universe is made up of elements that need to be harmoniously balanced in order to support the proper flow of spiritual and life force energy. That goes for humans too. This card is inspiring you to purify these inner elements – Earth, Water, Air, Fire – and restore your balance, health, and vibrant energy in your Physical, Astral, Mental and Spiritual bodies. It works as a deep cleaning through which you will also become more connected with yourself and nature. Your inner powers and abilities contained in each element will also unfold and your illusion of separation will soon start to dissolve.
When the elements move together in unity, you feel empowered and supported to fulfill your soul mission and contribute in your unique way to a greater purpose. That’s also a healing path to return to the mysterious fifth element known as Spirit (Aether). May sound complicated but your inner wisdom knows what to do. Simply set the intention to work, balance, and heal using the elements and it will happen.

Reiki Tip: Use Reiki and the healing power of the Angels to purify your physical, astral, mental, and spiritual bodies. You can call upon the Angels of each element to purify the body it corresponds to. For example, “I call upon Reiki and the Angels of the Earth to purify my physical body” and then simply enjoy the amazing energy.

Reiki blessings!

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