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Enjoy this week’s cards revealed:

reiki guidance VII

1. Creator (Left)

Well, well… Look who’s ready to step forward in the next chapter of existence! Big shifts are coming in your life – be prepared for them! You are being invited to be a co-creator. But what means to be a co-creator?! First of all, you need to start following your own inner guidance and go for self-mastery. From now on, you will become your own Master. Instead of listening to outer guidance, you’ll have to focus more on inner guidance. Your path is unique and imprinted with your own soul essence so looking outside for guidance will only create more confusion. All great inventors were criticized and judged for their unique way of seeing things but this is what makes the world keep spinning and evolve towards its highest potential. Let go of that paralyzing fear of what others might say or think and fully assume your path! Move further and start creating! Be courageous, be brave and be authentic. Let your heart and mind co-create and also let the world see and enjoy your inner genius. Be free and be wild! There will be a time when we as light beings will have to create planets and universes so let’s take this as training.

Reiki Tip: Listen to your inner guidance and start personalizing your Reiki healing sessions. Own your healing practice. Add your unique healing flavor to the process. Be authentic!

2. Love (Middle)

Love, the most powerful force of the universe! Love shows the way and lights the path, holding all things in place. Nothing can be truly made without love because this is the cement of all there is. If you have chosen this card, it means you need to invite love into your life and allow it to flow freely through your being. Feel and radiate love for all there is and practice gratitude consistently. There is a saying, “If you want to help others heal, love them.” No matter our past, we are all worthy of love. Especially You! This is an invitation to live in the love vibration and to remember your true essence!
Love sees life in everything and you can use it to develop and expand any other divine qualities you seek; it might be patience, kindness, compassion, respect, trust, or any other. On a daily basis, make sure to always choose love above fear.

Reiki Tip: Practice Reiki love exercises and healing meditations. Develop a daily gratitude practice. And at least once a day, let this vibrant feeling of love overflow your heart, then expand it in your energy field and even beyond. It works as a healing remedy for any blockage or negative energy and also protects you.

3. Perspective (Right)

There is at least a person in everyone’s life who hurt us beyond limits. We suffered and maybe even closed a part of our heart. It can be challenging but try to see things from that person’s perspective – it has a conscious or unconscious reason for its behavior and it’s nothing personal. This card asks you to think about your life – are you seeing things from a higher perspective or are you being caught up in the heavy threads of duality? Are you focusing on the half-full or half-empty part of the glass? Or maybe are you able to see the glass as a whole experience of drinking water? Remember you create your reality. It’s all a matter of perspective. You have the power to build you up or tear you down. Imagine how it would be like to live your daily life from a higher perspective. How easy and flowing everything would be! This is possible but it requires your will, commitment, and sustained devotion. It requires to let go of the limiting reality you have built over time about yourself, others, and life. Are you willing to see things from a higher perspective? To accept unconditional love and acceptance as your healing guides?

Reiki Tip: Create a Reiki Higher Perspective Journal. Write down on each left page any negative opinions and limiting beliefs you have about yourself, others, and life situations you experience now or have experienced in the past. Just release everything anytime you feel guided to. Send Reiki to the journal each day and when you feel ready, on the right page rewrite the left page event from a higher perspective, more detached, as if your Higher Self will be writing those lines.

Reiki blessings!

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