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Enjoy this week’s cards revealed:

Reiki Guidance II

1. Protection (Left)

Everything begins on an energetic level so your energy bodies must be fortified and protected. If you are an empath like most energy healers are, then is even crucial for you to protect. No protection can lead to emotional overwhelming and feeling drained, anxious, isolated from people. You may also be easily influenced by others and drawn to live the life through others because their energy is penetrating your aura, influencing you on subtle levels. Have you felt being on defensive mood lately? That’s also due to a lack of energetic protection. Your system is trying through any means to keep harmful, negative energies and people at bay. Reclaim your personal space and decide what you wish to experience in this lifetime and what you wish not to. No compromises! Keep your frequency high and build an inner universe that feels right and beneficial to you – this will also be reflected on your outside world. This card suggests you protect on a daily basis in order to ease your healing process and choose the shortest way towards feeling centered, assertive, connected to your inner being and divine purpose.
Over time, you’ll see how the need for protection will dimish but that’s because your inner light is growing and starts to radiate. The best protection will be no protection at all because the energy field will start to emanate unconditional love and light which are impenetrable and automatically transform and raise up the frequency of everything you encounter on your way.

Reiki Tip: Connect with your protective spirits, angels and guides and ask for their assistance to create and maintain around yourself an energy field that purifies and transforms any negative or apparently positive influences into unconditional love and light.

2. Nothing (Middle)

Well, that’s a weird message, isn’t it? But the message is quite simple. This card is inviting you to take a break and make some time to do Nothing. Yes, Nothing! You heard well! On some level, you’re always on the rush, wanting to do more to fasten up your inner and outer growth, being busy all the time and filling up every single spare second with something to do. Let’s be honest, how many seconds, minutes, hours do you spend daily on doing things that don’t nurture your soul? Too many! But that’s somehow normal – is encoded in your DNA to evolve and learn through direct experience. Still, remember that the greatest minds of all time created their masterpieces due to boredom. It’s nothing wrong to get bored. In those moments, your creativity is expanding, searching for new possibilities to express yourself, to renew your energy and rewire your brain. It may be too much to suggest boredom as a spiritual practice but stillness and silence are where the best ideas are born. Even when you’re doing nothing, you’re in fact doing everything that actually matters here and now – breathing.
Try not to schedule every second of your life. Try not to fill up every crack of the day with “productive” things. This card suggests getting more in touch with the space of nothingness within you. Nothingness is the source of all possibilities. Do less to become more. Give yourself a break. Paradoxically, doing nothing is the thing to do.

Reiki Tip: Activate Reiki and then simply do Nothing for 20-25 minutes daily. Choose a comfortable position and let your mind and soul relax and wander. Also, avoid filling up the cracks of the day by checking your emails and news feed over and over. Use that time to become more present and look around. What do you see?

3. Gratitude (Right)

If you want to get in touch with your soul and the divine universe, then gratitude is the gold key. Who or what inspired you today? What brought you happiness and deep peace today? Feel the love, compassion, and understanding that gratitude brings into your life. You may burst into tears but that’s perfectly normal! There are so many divine gifts and unconditional love overflowing your life!
This card says it is time to cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you. You have so many things to be grateful for! You just have to see and acknowledge all these blessings brought into your daily life. Switch your focus from lack to abundance, from fear to love, from limitation to expansion, from me to us, from ego to soul, and everything will start to cleanse by itself due to this new high frequency of gratitude. You cannot feed the ego and be grateful at the same time. You cannot live in the past or future while being grateful; gratitude will bring your attention to the present moment where miracles are witnessed and lived. The deeper your appreciation, the more your life will flow in harmony and balance. This will give you confidence that the universe is conspiring always in your favor and for the greatest good of all.

Reiki Tip: Keep a Reiki Gratitude Journal. This practice can really help you experience profound inner transformation. Just before bed, write down the things you were grateful for that day and send Reiki to them. Commit to keeping this journal for at least a month. What we focus on expands so by offering gratitude to all the goodness we experience, we’re in fact inviting the universe to overflow our life with that high vibration and frequency.

Many blessings,
Reiki Rays Team

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