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Oracle Card Reading

February 16 – 22, 2020

Enjoy this week’s cards revealed:

Oracle Card Reading

1. Elements (Left)

This card inspires you to purify these inner elements – Earth, Water, Air, Fire – and restore balance, health, and vibrant energy in your physical, astral, mental, and spiritual bodies. It works as a deep cleaning through which you will also become more connected with yourself and nature. Your inner powers and abilities, contained in each element, will also unfold and your illusion of separation will soon start to dissolve. Simply set the intention to work, balance, and heal using the elements and it will happen.
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2. Healing (Middle)

Have you ever thought about your life as being entirely an invitation to healing? Thinking on a higher perspective, we are all here to heal the separation between us and Divinity. We are here to restore that Divine connection and return Home. This card comes today and asks you: What healing mission have you assumed in this life? Congratulations on all the steps you already took and have faith because more healing is right around the corner!
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3. Practice (Right)

This card reminds you to practice whatever is important for you and your growth daily! Whatever feeds your soul from within! This applies to any area of your life whether it is a spiritual, artistic, athletic skill, or a talent in any given life area. It’s not about practicing – checking a 10-minute to 1-hour self-healing session off your daily To-Do list – but about who you become while practicing it. Do you truly want to have a healthier and balanced life, or do you think you don’t deserve one? Do you love yourself enough to be happy? Take time to honestly respond to this question and act upon it so that you can practice or deepen your practice.
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Reiki blessings!

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