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Oracle Card Reading

February 9 – 14, 2020

Enjoy this week’s cards revealed:

Oracle Card Reading

1. Love (Left)

If you have chosen this card, it means you need to invite love into your life and allow it to flow freely through your being. Be someone who consciously lives their life from the power of love rather than the power of ego. Love encompasses all that you are, and truly, All-There-Is. Welcome it in your opened soul and let it pour down into your day-to-day life through meaningful relationships and soul-uplifting experiences.
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2. Tribe (Middle)

It’s funny how those positive changes you were struggling with happen with ease and grace when you’re surrounded by the right people. It’s time to surround yourself with like-minded people. This card gently invites you to follow your visionary heart and let yourself be pulled by the spiritual magnetism of your tribe. Once centered and confident in your Higher Identity, observe how you attract others into your life who suit you on an energetic level and have the blessed ability to enrich your spirit.
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3. Passion (Right)

This card says it takes a passion fueled by vision and purpose to greet every single day with a high level of enthusiasm and pure childlike joy. What makes you tick? What feeds and fuels your soul? What fills your life with energy and fire?
Answer all the above, because this card reminds you that your passionate soul yearns to express itself in everyday life. The feminine energy is needed in your life. Here lies your power. Here lies your vitality. Here lies your fiery soul.
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Reiki blessings!

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