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Oracle Card Reading

March 22 – 28, 2020

Enjoy this week’s cards revealed:

Oracle Card Reading

1. Acceptance (Top)

When things are not going your way, what’s your first reaction? Are you living in acceptance in all areas of your life or do you find it rather difficult to let go and accept reality as it is? This card has only one message for you: the Path of Acceptance awaits you. Are you willing to say “Yes” to life and let things simply be? The Path of Resistance is no longer suitable for your level of awareness. When you accept what is, greater calm and clarity flow in, allowing your creativity and awareness to use those circumstances to create uncountable blessings in disguise.
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2. Decision (Middle)

Every day we’re faced with decisions that we must make. Those decisions will affect the direction of our lives in one of two fundamental ways: we’ll either get closer to our true essence or further away. If this card chose you, it means your decisions need to be infused with divine purpose. Learn to discern the difference between what’s important and what’s not, according to your divine purpose. Always do what feels ‘right,’ despite any fears or conditioning. This feeling of ‘rightness’ will make things flow with ease and help you find effective solutions for any challenges that may occur.
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3. Past lives (Bottom)

If you look around in nature, you’ll easily observe that all of life goes through a maturing process; it’s a pattern of change, growth, transformation, and evolution. It works the same for humans. This card indicates that you are an old soul who has experienced many lives preparing for this moment – inner unity. Being an old soul has many advantages but also carries a tremendous responsibility to put your wisdom into the service of the greatest good of all. Are you aware of all the inner strength, wisdom, and authority received over eons of time?
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Reiki blessings!

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