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Oracle Card Reading

February 23 – 29, 2020

Enjoy this week’s cards revealed:

Oracle Card Reading

1. Timing (Bottom)

This card reminds you to trust the Divine timing of things. There’s a much bigger picture than we can conceive with our rational minds. Each and every moment of your life is a blessing in disguise, so be open to receive your soul’s desires in unexpected and miraculous ways. Release your expectations about how things should happen and let the Universe work its magic. What doesn’t happen at the expected time, in an expected way will happen at a better time, in a better way!
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2. Nothing (Middle)

Well, that’s a weird message, isn’t it? But the message is quite simple. You are invited to take a break and take some time to do nothing. Yes, nothing! You heard it right! On some level, you’re always rushing, wanting to do more to speed up your inner and outer growth, being busy all the time and filling up every single spare second with something to do. This card suggests getting more in touch with the space of nothingness within you. Nothingness is the source of all possibilities. Do less to become more. Give yourself a break. Although it seems like a paradox, doing nothing is the thing to do.
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3. Patience (Top)

Have you ever observed nature’s wisdom in patience? A flower blooming, a spider weaving its web, a lion hunting its prey. Patience is a superhero virtue and can be considered a lifelong spiritual practice towards emotional freedom. This card invites you to expand your patience skills towards yourself, others, and life itself. See patience as a form of compassion. Let go of things outside of your control, and your stress and anxiety will diminish considerably. Cultivate peace of mind every time impatience steps in and have faith in your inner truth.
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Reiki blessings!

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