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Before embarking on this global healing experience, make sure to watch the video of Raven Keyes, CMRM™ and founder of RKMRI Medical Reiki™, sharing instructions and meditation from the Angels for Remote Reiki during the COVID-19 pandemic. The method is designed to support our hospitals, healthcare providers and patients throughout this global experience.

Raven Keyes, CMRM™

Check below the transcript of this video:

Reiki Remotely During COVID-19

Greetings. I'm Raven Keyes and I'm coming to you from New York City. Many of you know that we're having quite an emergency here because of COVID-19, and as Reiki practitioners, I know that we all want to do something. We know the power of our work and we know that at this particular time we can't be in-person with people and then, as far as doing distance Reiki goes, there are different procedures that many of us follow, and many of them require permission given to us before we do distance Reiki.

Well, in this environment I've been really wondering how in the world we could actually help out, and on the 3rd of April I prayed that I would be given an answer to this, and then on April 4th, during the worldwide meditation that so many of us were involved in doing, I was led by the angels to a certain procedure that they recommend for us.

Now, when we get to the meditation part, you'll learn how to do what needs to be done. At the end of it you'll be selecting an actual hospital in your area that you're going to devote your work to. Once you know the procedure, you can pick another hospital and do two instead of one or even three, but it's really important I feel to concentrate on one, two or three hospitals daily. If you have colleagues, you can ask them what hospital they would like to work with or you can recommend hospitals to them even, hospitals that you're not working with, because the thing is, the angels would like this to be broadcast globally; for all Reiki practitioners to be doing this work, meaning those who choose to.

As somebody who works in medicine a lot, since the year 2000, I know a lot of doctors and nurses who are fighting on the front lines right now and they really have my heart; I mean, we have a lot of patients who are really, really going through so much suffering right now and the ones that are holding the energy for them are all the healthcare workers, and my heart wants to really support them.

So here we go…

Let's close our eyes and ground yourself to the earth. Send down your lines of energy (your roots) from the bottoms of your feet all the way down to the center of the earth. We are citizens of the planet Earth right now.

Move energy from the center of the Earth up through your roots and let it come into the bottoms of your feet; this pure love and energy of belonging, belonging to the planet; and the energy of love and belonging comes up into your legs and into your knees and into your hips and starts flowing up your whole body, going up and up and up until it comes all the way to the top of your head, and then your awareness comes outside of the top of your head to a chakra that's 6 to 12 inches above your head, so that there is this flow of light and the energy of belonging that's flowing through you all the way to the top of your head and then out (to that upper chakra).

And from that place, call down out of the universe all that pure source light that so many of us were able to access in the world meditation on April 4th. And so, it's mixed together here (above your head); heaven and earth in a way, the energies of source and manifestation are mixed here and in the experience of that let there be a line of light that goes from there (the place above your head) into your heart so that you can feel love not as a romantic thing but as the connective tissue of the universe. Everything is love! And what is Reiki? It's another way to say unconditional pure love, the creative force of the universe, spirit, power, energy medicine.

And so, from your heart send out a call for your own Guardian Angel (or if you are a CMRM™ the Reiki Angel that you met in your training) and let that being now be with you, your angel. Everybody has a Guardian Angel whether you know who it is or not, so you can call to that being and that being is with you now and holds you, whatever that means to you, whether you see, hear, sense, feel or just know your own life being held in this love that is from the Angelic realm.

And so, imagine that your angel is lifting your spirit up out of your body through the top of your head, into that place 6 to 12 inches above, and into a higher realm, higher and higher and higher, going up and up and up and up, all the way to the edge of the Earth's atmosphere. We're waiting for everyone and, by the way, no matter when you do this, we're all together doing it.

And now you're being called and when I say "I" from here on out, I mean "You" so you're repeating after me as we go up now. We're going toward a huge ball of light, an area of light that's really actually the biggest and most amazing expanse of light imaginable; we're going to the place in the universe where the healing codes are kept. We're rising and rising and rising, heading towards that, and we're there! Let yourself be there. It's incredible! There's so much beautiful light, and it is known that the Archangels and all the Angels can do incredible things, but they must be asked before they can release their power.

And so and so, as a Reiki practitioner, as a Reiki Master, as a CMRM™, you stand before this incredible powerful light and you say:

I come with the keys to healing awakened within me through my initiation that took place in my attunement ceremonies.

I stand here embodying the keys to healing.

I am the manifestation of E=mc2.

I carry these keys, and I ask the angels of this place where the healing codes exist for the universe, I ask that you empower my keys and my abilities. Make me stronger than I've ever been.


And I ask that this come at the highest level that's beneficial for me right now, that I may carry from this moment forward, the most power that I can possibly deliver as a delivery system to the Earth.

And so and so, in this evolution and with this gift of your own power intensified, allow your angel now to bring you, to guide you, down, down and down, back through, all the stars, all the way to the edge of the Earth's atmosphere where you now see, hear, sense, feel or just know, a shining energy field in midair, and this is the overlighting angel of all hospitals throughout the world, the one who holds the architecture for healing for all the hospitals throughout the entire world, and to this being you now come and you say:

I ask that you deliver the healing codes and awaken them in all the overlighting angels of every hospital on planet Earth.

Lines of light are going from here to all the overlighting angels across the globe - to the overlighting angels of all the different hospitals.

And your angel brings you now to the overlighting angel of the hospital of your choice.

And to this overlighting angel you say:

I ask that the healing codes be delivered by all the Guardian Angels of every single person working in this hospital, from the janitors to the CEO, all the doctors, all the nurses, all the healthcare providers, all the everybody in this entire hospital, and all the Guardian Angels of the patients. I ask that all these Guardian Angels be activated and carry the healing codes to everyone who needs them at the highest level and for the ultimate highest good of all concerned.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! And every day I will return and I will bring my Reiki hands and I will bring my spirit and my Guardian Angel with me to stand before you, overlighting angel of Montefiore Einstein Hospital [that's me]. Every day I will bring this energy to you and I know that you will reactivate and reactivate and reactivate and reactivate and nourish and nourish and nourish and nourish all the people that are in this current COVID-19 experience. We ask that all be done for the highest good. Hail and gratitude!

Thank you.

You can do this meditation again and you can share it and I hope you will; we need everybody around the world who feels it in their heart that they would like to do this to participate.

Also, there's one other thing that I've been doing at the last Medical Reiki training in Arizona; the angels lead us to create a field around the Earth. So you know, the atmosphere is the aura of the planet so in the aura of the planet we installed light, light, light for healing: Reiki, Reiki, Reiki. And so, every day - we were advised that we do this - that we feed the field, give it Reiki. You can do it like if you're in the sunshine and you're feeling good and if you happen to be lucky enough to have a place where you are self-isolating where you can go outside and you can be in the sunshine, you can just feed the atmosphere, you know, the air right around you, and (the Reiki) just goes, goes, goes (outward). What I've been doing because I'm in the City of New York, so I'm in a small apartment, is I'm envisioning the Earth in a ball between my hands and my hands are outside it at the edge of the atmosphere and I'm sending Reiki and I'm doing this every day, every day, every day, every day.

For those of you who are CMRM's and learned the procedure of how to create a Reiki Drip, if you have people in your life that are doctors or nurses, or really anybody that's embroiled in the Covid-19 situation, and you're able to speak to them and get their permission, you can install Reiki drips for them.

If anybody has any questions, you can get in touch with me. Send me an e-mail at

Thank you. Blessings. Hail to all the great and powerful Reiki practitioners in the world. We were made for these days and don't forget it: you're very, very important in this crucial moment.

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For those of you with limited time, we have created two versions of this Remote Reiki Meditation Method. The longer version includes Raven Keyes's own words and the shorter version only highlights the steps of the meditation.

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Grateful for your time to check these resources and see you soon into Oneness!

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