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October 2018

Reiki is a transformative healing modality. It can transcend time and space providing distant remote healing and it can also travel to the past to heal early and past life traumas and even our ancestors. We may not know it but some of our current patterns/shadows may not be our but may be patterns carried […] Read more

Healing our Ancestors through Reiki { 3 comments }

The most common belief when it comes to depression is that if we’re sad all the time, we’re depressed, or if we prefer being alone and feel like crying most of the time, we’re depressed as well. But that’s more or less not right. Depression is that feeling of wanting everything to end, even if […] Read more

Chronic Depression and Healing with Reiki and Art Therapy { 2 comments }

Are Your Crystals Cleansed?

Hello Beautiful Souls! How are you doing today? Today I shall share with you the right method to clean crystals. I can already sense some eyes rolling, but not cleansing crystals properly can have adverse effects or the crystals may not yield results up to the mark. Now let’s answer some basic questions pertaining to […] Read more

Are Your Crystals Cleansed { 1 comment }

Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) is a condition different than premenstrual symptoms. Web MD shares these symptoms of PMDD. “The symptoms of PMDD usually show up the week before you start your period and last until a few days after it begins. Most of the time they are severe and debilitating, and they can keep you […] Read more

Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder and Reiki { 0 comments }

In the practice of Reiki, practitioners may work with crystals to help bring the chakra system of the body into balance by absorbing the energy of each chakra and transmuting it to bring the chakras back to their natural vibratory state. In my last article, I covered Reiki, Crystals and the Lower Chakra System. In […] Read more

Reiki, Crystals & the Heart Chakra { 2 comments }
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