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October 2018

Reiki and Soul Shock

It seems to me that much has been written about soul shock from twin flames, chasers, and runners’ perspective. That is not my intent here. The human soul, I believe, is a living, breathing part of the human being that survives the body after its death. And because it is a living aspect, it can [...]

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Twin Flame and Twin Flame Reiki

Greetings Everyone.! Somebody recently asked me what exactly is Twin Flame concept, how do we know whether we have encountered a twin flame, the purpose of meeting our twin flames and how to connect with our twin flames. Answer: Twin Flame Concept: Everything in this universe has one masculine and one feminine polarity energy. How [...]

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The Question All Clients Ask

What do you say to a client who asks how many Reiki sessions that he or she will need before they are healed? I get this question all the time. I have been doing Reiki since 1993 and see clients in person as well as at a distance. I can understand that they might be [...]

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The Reiki Lifestyle

What does a Reiki lifestyle look like? Let’s take the principals of Reiki as our guide. Just for today, I am peaceful Just for today, I am relaxed Just for today, I am grateful Just for today, I will work hard Just for today, I will be my best self Just for today, I will [...]

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My Reiki Tree

    As the leaves are beginning to turn color and fall from the branches, I find myself thinking of my Reiki tree. It’s a special tree, in a park near my home, which my Reiki teacher had asked me to choose. For years, I would stride passed this tree, on my many walks through the [...]

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