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July 2018

Reiki Crystal Manifestation Grid is to manifest abundance of money, abundance of love, abundance of protection, health and abundance of each possible thing in universe. The grid can be used either for single or multiple healings. It can also be used to manifest our or others wishes. The grid is octagon in shape and we […] Read more

Reiki Crystal Manifestation Grid { 0 comments }

Article by Patti Barker Kierys We live in a busy and stressful world. The day to day hustle can sap our energy and our creative spirit. Artistic expression can soothe the spirit for the creator and receiver. It can be a time of reflection and healing. When we are attuned to Reiki, many areas of our […] Read more

Reiki and the Art of Creativity { 1 comment }

Article by Corie Chu Numerology came from ancient times, most notably through the work of Pythagoras. It used to take hours to create a birth chart, but just like everything else, Numerology has evolved and now it takes just minutes to create a birth chart. The Numerology system that I primarily work with was in […] Read more

Combining Reiki with Numerology { 6 comments }

So what actually happens during a Reiki session? What techniques does the Reiki practitioner use in order to bring us back into mind/body balance? I’m glad you asked. In this article, I will cover the step-by-step procedures that I teach to my Reiki students during the Level 1 attunement class. The Level 1 attunement class […] Read more

The Different Procedures of a Reiki Session { 5 comments }

When I first started my Reiki journey I was so nervous, had so many self-doubts and a lot of fear – would I be good enough? A clear enough channel? Would Reiki work for me? I wasn’t sure how I could go about bringing this amazing energy into my life and the lives of others. […] Read more

Reiki Message from Archangel Raphael { 1 comment }
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