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June 2018

Crystals, Oils and Water

So you say you are ready to add some complimentary healing modalities to your already successful Reiki healing sessions? Here are a few options. Crystals Crystals are my personal favorite healing modality to use in combination with my own Reiki practice. I feel a special connection to crystals, and I love using them in healing […] Read more

Crystals, Oils & Water { 3 comments }

First of all, thank you, everyone, for emails and messages. This makes me motivated to keep sharing my new intuitions with you all. I have already written a couple of articles on weight management before and the reason I am writing this, I have explored new mechanisms of weight management during past few years by […] Read more

Reiki Rituals for Weight Management { 5 comments }

There are seven Cosmic Rays led by an Ascended Master and an Archangel. The rays fall upon the Mankind and have helped in its evolution along the different cycles. These rays have their own virtues. To invoke a ray we use the power of a decree, which reinforces the power of the light, life, and […] Read more

Working with Archangels's Rays and Affirmations { 1 comment }

Reiki and Marriage

We all know that a healthy marriage is very significant to have a healthy society. There are so many dreams about your future you weave with a marriage / your future life partner. During the few initial years of marriage it looks like a fairytale but soon the charm or the glamour starts fading away […] Read more

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Article by Vicky Roncero I have been a television writer/producer for over twenty-five years, with most of that experience in children’s television. Storytelling and writing have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I was convinced that this was my passion and my calling. But, I had no idea how […] Read more

You're the Storyteller not the Story { 14 comments }
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