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April 2018

Reiki Introduction FAQs

Greetings everyone. This article emphasizes on various questions related to Reiki that a beginner may ask, to all Masters and healers. The answers are compiled on the basis of many Masters’ views and opinions. Q: What is Reiki? A: No words can suffice its definition, for it can be well expressed through a feeling, just like […] Read more

Reiki Introductory FAQs { 3 comments }

By now, we may all be able (or willing) to agree that Reiki is a form of energy work that is described by practitioners and clients alike as healing, soothing, gentle, intelligently designed and, let’s face it, amazing! Every single day I strive to think about, meditate on or practice Reiki in my daily Life. […] Read more

The Intricate Presence of Reiki { 0 comments }

Reiki for Homesickness

I’m blessed to have Reiki students with varied backgrounds and from different cultures and countries. One beautiful student has become an important friend who has recently left Australia and returned to her country of birth being Switzerland. She contacted me recently because although she loves her ‘home’ country there is a bond and a connection […] Read more

Reiki Homesick { 0 comments }

Reiki Always Helps!

I am sure even as practitioners we all follow Reiki practices but at times even we get little doubtful and start worrying that is this really working, especially in the challenging times of the life? To answer this question, I would like to share the two experiences of my life with you all. I and […] Read more

Reiki Always Helps! { 1 comment }

As we grow in our Reiki practice and understanding, we learn every natural thing in our universe has its own specific energies. Many cultures and religions have developed beliefs about the energies in our natural world. Incorporating this knowledge, with the frequent use of Reiki, can bring additional tools for healing into our lives. For […] Read more

The Natural Elements - Wood { 0 comments }
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