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January 2018

We all are aware that one day, we have to leave this body, but we do not like to think about it-not for us, or even our loved ones. And when we come across a situation where we have to face the truth of departure of our loved ones, we get shattered. Recently, I encountered […] Read more

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Reiki is an incredibly powerful practice helping us to embrace, heal, and empower our bodies; likewise, Reiki makes us able to love ourselves and others. The secret to this is in the degree of awareness and devotion given to the symbol with clear visualisation used on the specific chakra giving forth the sound. We must […] Read more

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Reiki to Stay Fit

Hello Beautiful People, thank you for reading the article on Reiki Rays. Today I am gonna share with you, a super and easy idea to stay fit by using Reiki energies. Steps to Charge the Facial Kit Sit Comfortably. Take few breaths to center yourself. Set intention. Invoke Reiki and call upon Angels to help […] Read more

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Parent Child Peace with Reiki

Reiki is an amazingly powerful healing system, and its uses are truly endless. One of the wonderful ways to use Reiki is to help parents and children connect in a deeper, more peaceful way with each other. As a Reiki Master Teacher, I use Reiki training and attunements to help strengthen the parent child bond […] Read more

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Can Reiki Prevent Illness?

Frequently, Reiki practitioners are asked if Reiki can cure a certain disease for which a family member, friend, or client has been given a diagnosis. Certainly, Reiki has manifested some physical cures, and other times, not. Perhaps, the better question is whether or not Reiki can prevent illnesses. Here are some ideas to consider: Reiki […] Read more

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