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December 2017

Your Life Is Your Business

Your life is your business; literally. You are the CEO of Self Inc and it’s your ultimate responsibility to ensure it continues to prosper. A business has various departments and a CEO has the responsibility to ensure they work efficiently and collectively as a team. If you favour one and neglect others, sooner or later […] Read more

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Reiki: Which one is the original? When we first got in contact with Reiki, for sure we asked ourselves this question since when we started to inquire about the possibility of taking Reiki courses we found many alternatives and most of them using phrases like: “the original Reiki”, “Traditional Reiki”,”the real Reiki” and so on. […] Read more

Which Reiki Lineage Is the Authentic One { 3 comments }

Ending the Year with Gratitude

Hello everyone! The fabulous year is about to end and wishing for lots of love, happiness, and prosperity for everyone. The year literally flew by, seems just yesterday when 2017 started. I just realized that I have not even written even 10 articles in 2017. Sorry for disappearing. As this year ends, why not end […] Read more

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Reiki for Healing Eye Issues

Eye issues and diseases can develop because the energy that feeds the optic nerves and all other parts of the eyes have been compromised, blocked or fragmented in some way. Energy is the foundation of what feeds our physical body and energy is found in every cell of our body. When the energy that is […] Read more

Reiki for eyes { 8 comments }

Reiki for Courage

We are all human and all need an extra bit of courage now and then. Have you ever had an important speech you’ve had to give, taught a class with a room full of students looking at you, or dealt with a stressful situation where you wanted to run away? Reiki is an awesome tool […] Read more

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