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November 2017

When I begin my second level courses of Reiki, the first thing I mention to my students is that distance Reiki is a POWERFUL tool and that, as such, implies an IMMENSE responsibility. Why? Because when we give Reiki with the first level, the person must be present in our space or we must go […] Read more

Distance Reiki - Be Careful What You Ask For { 3 comments }

Cure Bad Money Habits with Reiki

Reiki is the universal divine energy which can cure anything and everything you want. Before in my article “Reiki and Habit Making”, I have explained how to create any new habit by simply replacing the bad ones. It is like: what you sow, you reap in the future. If you sow mango tree, you won’t […] Read more

Cure Bad Money Habits with Reiki { 0 comments }

All along our lives, we have had the need to be in contact with our angels. These light beings who are always caring for us, who send us unconditional love, who listen to all our requests. This is a meditation to be in contact with the Angels, to strengthen our connection with them, to feel […] Read more

Meditation to be in Contact With Angels { 2 comments }

As energy healers, we are always on the lookout for ways and means to cope with various situations that we encounter in our day to day lives. Working with energy ball is one effective way to keep our energy clean and clear. There are various points during the day when we may find ourselves losing […] Read more

Working with Energy Balls in Everyday Life { 1 comment }

The Archangel most associated with the Throat chakra is Sandalphon. Although he is not as familiar to many of us as some of the other archangels, he is a very powerful and helpful archangel. He is usually depicted as being tall, symbolizing his role in connecting us to the Divine. Often, he is called the […] Read more

Archangel Sandalphon and the Throat Chakra { 1 comment }
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