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November 2017

You’ve probably heard about “holding space” for various reasons. To hold space means to be present for someone and support their process. Whether that process is healing, clearing, releasing, a job, a new house—whatever the issue, holding space for another is a helpful support. The nature of Reiki is to hold space. At the heart […] Read more

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What is subconscious mind? Any issue or painful incident that affects us directly or indirectly from the time we are in the womb till date is store at our subconscious mind. For example, there have been instances where parents planned to abort yet could not even that issue affects the unborn baby subconsciously. So from […] Read more

Clear subconscious mind Through Reiki { 8 comments }

The importance of the Heart Chakra cannot be overstated! It is the middle one of the major chakras, with the three lower chakras associated with physical manifestations on earth, and the three upper chakras associated with our connections to the Spirit World. This chakra’s energies connect to love, healing, and harmony. It is no surprise […] Read more

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So, let’s get real for a minute. Your Reiki Office can make or break your business! I know this may seem a little harsh at first but in my experience, it has proven to be true time and time again. One of the things that I enjoy the most is helping other practitioners to change […] Read more

How To Create A Reiki Space On A Budget { 6 comments }

I Will Earn My Living Honestly

My fourth article on the Reiki Principles focusses on the Principle “I will earn my living honestly”. I add the words ‘and care for Mother earth’ when I repeat them as part of my daily practice. Looking after our planet is important to me, so I wanted to acknowledge that and remind myself daily. It […] Read more

I Will Earn My Living Honestly { 2 comments }
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