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November 2017

I love that Reiki is a constant light in my life and it proves to be useful in so many diverse situations. This is a list of the weird and wonderful ways that Reiki can be brought into our everyday lives. For anyone who has been practicing Reiki for a while these may not seem [...]

Weird and Wonderful Reiki { 1 comment }

The Power of Visualisation

Self-blockage stops us from letting go and moving in the right direction. Temptation maybe initially alluring but gradually it will produce unfavourable circumstances and creates an abundance of new temptation. When this happens then one will search for a new way to rid oneself of these issues. Primarily, it is essential to remove all complications [...]

The Power of Visualisation { 5 comments }

As a member of the clergy who performs many weddings, I truly believe that every couple who decides to marry are soul mates. In my study of scripture and the Zohar in particular, this viewpoint is backed up by many passages, and is based on the concept of spiritual merit. Being someone’s soul mate is [...]

Enhancing the Soul Mate Connection with Reiki { 0 comments }

Power Pyramid of Archangel Michael

This is a meditation in which you build your own pyramid to go into it. It will become your sacred space of connection your higher self, Archangel Michael and light beings. You can use it to have a rest, to rest after your healing or to find a solution to a situation you are having. [...]

Power pyramid of Archangel Michael { 2 comments }

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