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November 2017

The next card in the major arcana is the Magician. The magician is an archetype famous in all the major traditions of the world. In the ancient world, they held very high positions and authority in the kingdom, because of the perplexing abilities that they possessed. More often than not people followed them out of [...]

Journey of the magician (major arcana-II) { 0 comments }

Article  by Jessica North-O’Connell Angels have always been with us. As a very little girl, I remember learning about how each of us humans has our own Guardian Angels, although I have since learned these Beings may be more properly called Devas. Many of the stories I grew up with featured Angels as well, though [...]

Recalling our Angels with Aromatherapy { 0 comments }

Reiki heals us at mental, emotional, and soul level. But there are times when no amount of healing is able to erase certain fears, phobias, and addiction. The reason for these fears are unknown and somehow we are unable to overcome them. During my meditation I came across the black box technique which not only [...]

Healing your subconscious mind through the black box technique { 0 comments }

As we approach the holiday season, the Archangel we see depicted most often is Archangel Gabriel. He (although angels are genderless) is usually shown with a copper halo and a large copper trumpet, bringing the good news to the world. He usually has long, curly hair, and has feminine, nurturing energies. In the Christian Bible, [...]

Archangel Gabriel and the Sacral Chakra { 0 comments }

The Critical Mass of Enlightenment

The term critical mass is borrowed from nuclear physics where it refers to the amount of a substance needed to start a chain reaction. Once the chain reaction is established it becomes self-perpetuating growing in proportion to the energy contained within its expansion. In social terms, this same critical mass is achieved when a sufficient [...]

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