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October 2017

Article by Sudha Wadhwani When I read “Many Lives, Many Masters” by Dr. Brian Weiss, my mind was blown. It was an entry for me into spiritualism. The fascination of past life regression (PLR) always stayed, even when I went on to learn Reiki five years ago. With effective practice and experimentation, I learned how PLR […] Read more

Past Life Regression Via Karuna Reiki { 6 comments }

Article by Dawn Fleming Teaching Reiki is a very fulfilling endeavor. Teaching Reiki to filled classes is even more awesome. When I began teaching Reiki, I had nurses and massage therapists in my classes. They kept asking if I could offer continuing education (CE) hours (units is an old term) for my Reiki and chakra classes. […] Read more

Fill Your Classes, Become a Continuing Education Provider { 0 comments }

*(Please note that this article has been written from a spiritual wellness perspective. Victims of any type of abuse should seek legal and medical help first and foremost, and immediately call 911 if they are in any type of danger.) As a Reiki Master Teacher, I am often asked about the practical application of Reiki […] Read more

Healing from Narcissistic Abuse with Reiki { 4 comments }

If you are like me, Reiki may have started as just a hobby for you. When you enter the Reiki world it is so fun and amazing. You start to explore it and realize that there are endless things you can do with it. After a while, you might start offering Reiki to others. At […] Read more

Feeling Guilty About Investing In Your Reiki Business { 0 comments }

Reiki and Timing of Events

“Nothing ever happens by chance, happens as per divine will.” Reiki attunement increases our ability to manifest our wish manifold. Since Reiki attunement opens up our chakras and clears the path to receive the universal life force energy. Clear intent and focusing on our goals helps us to manifest our desires quicker. Several such meaningful […] Read more

timing of events { 0 comments }
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