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September 2017

Archangels and the Chakras

There are seven major chakras within our energetic bodies, and as Reiki practitioners, it is helpful to learn about the chakras. As we practice Reiki more and more, we can receive impressions about our clients’ energy patterns. We may intuit where the energy is depleted, abundant, or blocked. We know where to keep our hands […] Read more

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Reiki for Glowing Body and Skin

As we all know, Reiki is an unseen energy which can flow through the body and is the source of living. Reiki can nurture the life force with intuitive powers and transmit the positive energy. Reiki uses the natural ability of the body to harness the ability of the body to repair and heal. The […] Read more

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The Importance of Breathe

Spirituality arises when ego and super ego disappears; whatever is possible through manifested human efforts is being done for many years beneath austerity. Breath is man’s soul mate. So, need to recognize the true reality of the breath after that one could be able to realize the soul’s ultimate goal with the sublime of universal […] Read more

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Do you enjoy the security of a steady stream of income but also want to express your creativity as a Reiki healer? Then you may want to consider becoming a part-time entrepreneur. The trend of being a “side hustler” is on the rise, especially for millennial women. Many are pursuing the life coaching path in […] Read more

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Reiki and “Death”

Hello Beautiful Souls! I have professed my love for tarot and oracle cards in various articles, hence I thought of sharing my love for the “dark” cards of tarot, and how I use those energies with help of Reiki. The 13th card of the Tarot is the beautiful card of “Death”. Mostly termed as “negative” […] Read more

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