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August 2017

This energy was channelled by Amy Bass, while sleeping a woman in bright white appeared in her dreams and approached her. She told her that women in the world were being oppressed and it was needed to connect with the moon energy. And gave her instructions to make this Reiki modality. Women have been oppressed [...]

Lunar Reiki { 4 comments }

Lavender flame is a very beautiful modality dealing with feminine energies of Quan Yin. Let’s talk about Lavender Flame Lavender flame is formed by a mixture of violet energy and silver energy. Now violet colour denotes the highest frequency which is masculine energies, dealing with karma release. Since it’s karma release, it’s very intense that [...]

Article Quan yin Lavender Flame { 2 comments }

Find Meaning in Your Life

Do Your Life Review – Now One of the greatest gifts of working with hospice patients is facilitating a life review discussion. This is a process where the social worker asks questions about the patient’s life, and if the patient is willing to participate in this endeavor, the results can be amazing. By telling stories [...]

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What is loneliness? Loneliness is that state where you feel disconnected from everything and everyone, where you feel like an alien to the world around you. Where you may be surrounded by a bunch of people and you still feel alone. Rings a bell? I am sure it does, especially if you are a lightworker. [...]

Journey Through the Emotions { 2 comments }

In the first part of this series, I applied the concept of “Roots and Wings” to the Reiki teaching path. When teaching Reiki to my students, I unconditionally embrace this concept. Assisting an individual on the Reiki path is an honor, a privilege, and perhaps most of all, a responsibility – one that I welcome [...]

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