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July 2017

While conducting a 42-day Money, Prosperity and Abundance Consciousness through Reiki course and practicing it along with my clients, these were some of the miracles that had happened that left me awe struck. 1. One of my clients attracted a reduction in her Home loan tenure from 236 to 232 months. The bank sent her […] Read more

How to attract Money Prosperity and Abundance through Reiki { 2 comments }

The combination of energy healing work and marketing: Can you think of any two things that are more opposite in nature? Can one person learn to become comfortable with these two totally, non-related concepts? Is it possible to be successful at both? The answers to these three questions are no, yes, and yes! To market […] Read more

Marketing Your Reiki Practice { 14 comments }

As a healer, I often come across with the situation many of the Indian parents (that includes colleagues, neighbours, friends and family members) being upset with the fact that their kid is not able to perform better and they are not class toppers or subject toppers. Many ask us to dowse and tell the chances […] Read more

Be a Reiki Guardian Mom { 1 comment }

Cho Ku Rei Pyramid Shield

Shielding is the most important part when it comes to healing. Healers are certainly more susceptible to energies hence the protective shield helps us to keep the negative vibes at bay. Our energy being drained out in case these protective shields are not worn. There are various methods through which we can shield ourselves and […] Read more

Cho ku rei pyramid sheild { 7 comments }

Being unemployed is difficult regardless of whether or not it is by choice. But there are many ways to make these times extremely productive and rewarding for your soul growth. In fact, using this period to realign with your soul path can help to establish a foundation for a solid career path moving forward. Over […] Read more

Unemployed How to Realign With Your Soul Path { 1 comment }
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