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May 2017

We all want to achieve success in all areas of our lives whether it is personal, professional or spiritual. To achieve success, we need to constantly create and work towards our goals. But the problem with our race of human beings is that there is a lack of motivation and willingness to give extra efforts [...]

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone with Reiki { 0 comments }

The calming, balancing, penetrating life force energy of Reiki often urges us to go deep into our inner processes. Society sometimes teaches us not to go too deep, out of concern that we could fall out of step with the collective whole. But as we know from practicing Reiki, going deep helps us come into [...]

Using Reiki to Help You During Pluto Retrograde { 0 comments }

Negative Entities may pass through your world from time to time. It is completely normal and an everyday part of the Universe. Negative Entities are not something you should fear. Fear does nothing but make them stronger and feed into the negative energy they are trying to spread. If you are a Reiki Practitioner you [...]

Reiki To Remove Dark Entities { 9 comments }

Article by Charlotte Lucy Imagine being able to energetically heal your entire lifetime – every hurt, every painful memory, and each unexpressed emotion. Every angry word heard or said. Every childhood wound, teenage heartbreak and adult judgment, resentment, and tension. We hold our past within us. Everything we have gone through, both positive and negative, [...]

Whole Life Healing With Reiki { 3 comments }

There are so many aspects in need for healing that sometimes we are hopeless and procrastinate our inner work. Those momentous few minutes of daily Reiki practice never come because often we don’t know where to steer first the healing energy. Reiki goes where it’s needed most but our human mind needs to focus on [...]

Gene Keys and Reiki { 57 comments }

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