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April 2017

Black Tourmaline Magick

Hello Beautiful Souls! Today I shall share a beautiful method of removing blockages from one’s life. It can be karmic or anything specific, depending on your intention. This method is an intense method to remove blockages, and one may face varied cleansing symptoms, from nothing to crying at drop of the hat, which again depends […] Read more

Black Tourmaline Magick { 6 comments }


This is a very simple and effective technique that can be used in any moment and almost everywhere provided there is a minimum of privacy, with the advantage that it can be taught to our friends and relatives in order to help them to protect themselves. Kenyoku means, literally, washing or dry bath. This is […] Read more

Kenyoku { 0 comments }

Hello All! I am really very excited to write about this topic as I love looking beautiful naturally. So, I thought what if I write on beauty with Reiki and Crystals. So instead of doing the ritual or any hard process, what we are going to do is we gonna make it simple and easy. What […] Read more

BEAUTIFUL YOU with Reiki and Crystals { 3 comments }

Reiki is universal life force energy, the energy that animates all living things. As such, it has many benefits, including releasing toxins, inflammation, and harmful energies such as fear, anxiety, and resentment. Sharing Reiki with yourself and others on a daily basis helps to maintain balance and increase all aspects of health. Just as channeling […] Read more

Using Reiki to Help Channel Beneficial Frequencies by Kriss Erickson { 0 comments }

Reiki is miraculous. If you have been practicing it, you would have had wonderful experiences that are beyond verbal explanation. I would like to share one such beautiful experience that would be beneficial for you all. Global warming is one of the biggest concern in the world now. Unpredictable temperature can make you feel uneasy […] Read more

Create Suitable Body Temperature Through Reiki { 0 comments }
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