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March 2017

The majority of people are not aware that in the Universe everything is energy, and nothing else than energy. The matter as we know it, is energy which frequency has been lowered in order to be perceived by our senses. The problem with energy is that nobody ever saw it, although nobody doubts that it [...]

The Importance of an Energy Therapy - 1 { 0 comments }

If you are reading this you are most likely an Empath or healer of some kind. Reiki Practitioners usually have an assortment of different gifts which may be why Reiki has come to call on them in the first place. Reiki seems to find you when it is your time to self- heal, bring compassion [...]

How to rise above anything with Reiki { 10 comments }

Whether you are a Reiki practitioner or any type of healer, do you sometimes feel depleted and fulfilled at the same time? The other night I was having dinner with my friend, a physical therapist who integrates Reiki into her private practice. She mentioned that some of her clients coming from trauma were against talking [...]

How to Counterbalance Emotional Fatigue { 0 comments }

There are many paths to healing. Including illness. Does that surprise you? Does it sound like a contradiction? It is so easy to fall into the thought that healing means something specific. We can begin to think we will feel happy all the time, or that we never have pain. That we will be cured [...]

There Are Many Paths to Healing including illness { 3 comments }

Heal Your Life with Halu

2017 is the first of a new cycle of nine years. It is now that we lay the foundation for our future, consciously or not. Same as plants, our greatest vision, bold ideas, and courageous plans need a fertile soil to root and flourish. The soil needs to be free of weeds and harmful insects. [...]

Heal your Life with Halu { 6 comments }

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