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February 2017

Through my practice and teaching Reiki, I have noticed many Master teachers skipping over or not really teaching about Chakras. They either gloss over them completely and/or give little to no information about them. As Reiki practitioners, we are working a lot (if not completely) with the subtle body. Within this subtle body are the […] Read more

Reiki and The Chakras { 7 comments }

Is Meditation Important?

Meditation is not often taught as an important factor in modern Reiki practice. However, it was part of the original method of Reiki and was very important to the way that practitioners developed in their practice. Meditation also played a critical role in Mikao Usui’s growth and development. He had practiced meditation and Qigong, a […] Read more

Is Meditation Important { 0 comments }

Hi Friends! Everyone uses electricity in one of other form in our daily life, which is delivered to your home through electrical networks. Where are, these networks connected? Of course, GRID, Power Grid. Which gets major source of electricity from the generation station and then it distributes as per its technical design. This electricity which […] Read more

Reiki Grids Ultimate source of Transmitting Power { 10 comments }

Reiki and Ethics

Doing Reiki everyday has made me so much more ethical as a person. Everyday while doing Reiki I am having my day review with the Divine. It has made me more conscious as a person as I know I have to give some answers to higher self in the presence of the loving Divine. Yes, […] Read more

Reiki and Ethics { 0 comments }

Reiki and Energy Portals

As many of you know, Reiki is sentient, Source energy that we can channel and connect with to create space for harmony and balance in our body/mind/spirit. The first Pillar of Reiki is to ask the Universe to open a portal of healing energy that we can then share with ourselves and others. There are […] Read more

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