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February 2017

Remembering Why Reiki

Sometimes we stop doing our self-Reiki practice because we forget why we started in the first place. Perhaps we started so we could heal ourself, or maybe it was to help a loved one. Maybe, it was out of curiosity. In this post I want you to think back on your reasons for starting your […] Read More

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Winter can be an unpleasant time of year for many people who like to be in the sun, enjoy outdoor summer activities, and appreciate longer daylight hours. For many years, I struggled with the seasonal blues during the late Fall to early Spring. It wasn’t just the winter blues. As soon as daylight savings rolled […] Read More

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How I Lost Weight through Reiki

Having obesity or being overweight is quite a growing struggle in today’s time. The hectic schedule and the random eating hours do far more damage to our body than we think. Our tight schedule hardly leaves us with any time to work on ourselves. If you are keen on losing weight and would like some […] Read More

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Rise and Shine, Reiki Mornings

Reiki self treatment is emphasized in all Reiki systems. It is generally presented as a way to familiarize yourself with the system and methods of feedback that it gives. This usually falls by the wayside as one progresses on the path of Reiki. Maintaining a daily practice can be of immense benefit to all practitioners […] Read More

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Miracle Pearls Meditation

“PRAYER is when you talk to God                       MEDITATION is when God talks to you” The benefits of meditation are innumerable. Just as breathing is the life of the body, meditation is the life of the soul. Miracle Pearls Meditation has been channelled by me. It can be done to balance chakras and aura, to […] Read More

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