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February 2017

Tulip Passion Reiki

Alec Summers received this system of Reiki during meditation from spirit after being attuned to Ahara Reiki. This System includes only 5 symbols which are formed by hands. Tulip Passion Reiki helps to break down barriers either between a couple or that an individual has unconsciously created. It will help you to bring a soul […] Read More

Tulip Passion Reik { 7 comments }

At times, it feels like being on the healing path is a feat. 1. There are periods of learning and absorption. 2. There are periods of smooth flow. 3. There are periods of testing. 4. There are periods of integration. From a human perspective, the initial period of learning and absorption seems like the rosiest […] Read More

Healing Lessons from Archangel Michael { 3 comments }

Notice: This is just an article to describe one way (there are many) to remove dark entities in a very general way, it’s not an instruction manual, and it’s not intended to encourage you to do so, it’s just a simple guide on what and how to perform a dark entity removal with safety. This […] Read More

Removing dark entities { 3 comments }

The Word Reiki

The word “Reiki” has significant meaning, incorporating layers of understanding and wisdom. The first three letters, the Rei, refers to the spiritual consciousness, the Divinity that is always present in our lives – even when we fail to recognize this blessed aspect of ourselves and others. The last two letters, the Ki, is the name […] Read More

The Word Reiki { 6 comments }
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