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February 2017

Here is a technique that combines the use of Sahaja Yoga, Affirmations, the power of Intention, Reiki and Chakra alignment to help you raise your vibration in less than 60 seconds. You can use this technique to give yourself a quick boost before starting your day or whenever you’re feeling a little low in energy. [...]

Raise Vibration Reiki { 6 comments }

Reiki, as a messenger of the Universal Life Force Energy, has been joining us on the evolutionary path since first attunement. All the blessings, intuitions, guidance, help Reiki has given brought us today in this point when we can say we are more aware, healed, present, in contact with ourselves than we were yesterday, one [...]

Reiki Upgraded – New Energies are coming! { 9 comments }

Negative feelings, of which resentment, rage and guilty are probably the most common, are like venom driving us away from happiness. These feelings that drain our energy, destroy our joy, and disturb our peace of mind can, very often, originate diseases (psychosomatic) that can be quite severe. Never forget that “the more you return to [...]

Other Application of Energy-2 { 1 comment }

We call our planet Mother because of its nurturing aspects. We can send healing everyday to our planet without an extra effort by developing a habit in our lifestyle. I would like to share my top ten ways to incorporate healing for our Mother Earth. 1. Prayer Add Mother Earth in your blessing. While performing [...]

Reiki Healing Mother Earth { 2 comments }

Article by Shubhada Kumbhar I was on a weekend trip with friends to a friend’s countryside farmhouse. At that time I was Reiki Level 2 practitioner. Due to certain personal reasons I was not practicing Reiki healing for other people and clients. But it was my deepest desire to get in touch with Reiki once again. [...]

Healing Menstrual Cramp Pain with Reiki { 0 comments }

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