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January 2017

The Energies of Mother Mary

One of my most cherished possessions as a little girl was a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary – a gift from my godmother on my First Communion Day. When I prayed to Mary, I sensed unconditional love and support surrounding me. It seemed I had a second mother, one who deeply understood the difficulties [...]

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Article by Becky Hernandez Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen (the Distance Reiki Symbol) is a symbol with no time, no boundaries and no restrictions. It has no prejudice and can allow the Reiki practitioner to access other dimensions and other realms of time and space! This is why it is one of my favorite Reiki symbols [...]

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Violet Flame transmutes all negative to positive, transmutes negative karmas to light and release all blockages. In this grid, we will be using only Amethyst as Amethyst is the stone associated with Archangel Zadkiel and he is one of the keepers of Violet Flame. This grid brings out deep transformation within us. Required  Amethyst cluster/ [...]

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Reiki Your Body and Soul Clean

In my last article, I wrote about cleaning your home with Reiki. Today I will share with you a way to cleanse yourself using Reiki. It is another favorite way of mine to use Reiki, and a wonderful way to pamper yourself from time to time. Once a week, and also for special occasions such [...]

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RCSRH Healing Technique

Release, Clear, Surrender, Relax, Heal These five words can bring a divine change in mental set up of a person. Making them a part of our daily activities can bring miracles to our lives. These will make the particles of our aura to vibrate at higher divine frequencies bringing complete stability to thoughts. RCSRH help [...]

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