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December 2016

If you want to really heal your life you must stop identifying with your problems and your illnesses. So how do you do this? First stop complaining about them. Stop talking about them as if they are the central focus of your life. This doesn’t mean that you should stop asking for help when you […] Read more

To Heal Your Life Let go Of Complaining { 8 comments }

How to Combine Reiki and Yoga?

Perhaps you already know all about the wonderful healing benefits of a yoga class and a Reiki session. But have you ever heard of the combining the two for the power duo, Reiki Yoga? The practice of yoga increases the flow of Reiki energy into our lives. Where yoga may help us understand Reiki in […] Read more

How to Combine Reiki and Yoga { 1 comment }

Reiki and Electro Pollution

We live in the world of high pace technology where we are surrounded by electrical and electronic gadgets most of the time. These devices emit invisible electromagnetic radiations which cause Electro Pollution. These radiations are believed to have a harmful effect on the person and its surroundings. The most common sources of electro pollution are […] Read more

Reiki and Electro Pollution { 7 comments }

The planet is fast approaching the end of one cycle and preparing to enter into a new one, and as this new cycle approaches, we are experiencing unprecedented global unease and civil unrest. Gaia seems to be erupting and responding in accordance with the current climate of unrest amongst her occupants, as earthquakes like the […] Read more

Balancing Global Misaligned Energies with Reiki Energy { 0 comments }

Healing Relationships with Reiki

Lately I am flooded with the queries to heal relationships, be it husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, parents and child or between friends. Reason could be anything from lack of time, lack of understanding, over-stressed, lack of patience or lack of love and bonding. And hence, clashes are bound to happen. The method given […] Read more

Healing Relationships { 11 comments }
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