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December 2016

Sacred Repetitions

When we repeat phrases or actions over and over again, these become natural and automatic to us. Learning to walk, type or drive a car seemed difficult at first. We had to purposefully think of every part of the process and do it, step by step. After many repetitions, we no longer had to name [...]

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Human consciousness has two types of energies like yang and yin, masculine and feminine, solar and lunar, active and passive, aggressive and compassionate, left and right brain etc. To live in harmony with the universe these energies should always be balanced. Balancing of these energies can be done using golden rod meditation. Procedure 1. Visualize [...]

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Christmas Reiki Gifts

Christmas is the best time for giving and accepting different gifts with happiness. This Christmas add some love and healing to the gifts before you give them. I used to add some hearts and messages whenever I gift to anyone. But then I started giving gifts by adding the Reiki. This actually created a lot [...]

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Using Reiki for Travel

6 weeks of travelling around South America, is a long time in most people’s opinion, and I would have to agree! In September/October 2016 my husband and I were fortunate enough to do this just this, however Reiki was very much required for most of the journey. We live in the Northern part of Australia [...]

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Reiki for Christmas Time

Christmas is just around the corner and so I thought I would write an article about how to use Reiki at this busy, stressful and sometimes, downright horrible time. Yes it’s meant to be fun, and joyous and an amazing time for people, and yet at times it’s not – some people have no family, [...]

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