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December 2016

Don’t you love it when a streak of favorable events happen? From that job promotion to all the traffic lights turning green right before you reach the intersection, life can’t be scripted any better. Each time a windfall of events occur, I’ve always wondered if there is a way to continue that momentum of positive […] Read More

HowtoMaintaintheMomentumofaWindfall { 2 comments }

Three Steps Manifestation

I am an avid reader, whenever I am free you will find me glued to a book or an ebook. So recently I was reading about Letter to Universe. It was way different than most articles I have read on the topic of “lettering”. It gave me total different perspective about law of attraction. When […] Read More

3 Steps Manifestation { 6 comments }

Renew Your Reiki Passion

Remember when you first learned Reiki and you were so excited about it? You could not practice it enough! You set aside time to give Reiki to others and yourself. You told anyone who would listen about this wonderful modality you had learned. You felt extremely blessed. For many new practitioners, life interfered and the […] Read More

Renew Your Reiki Passion { 3 comments }

When we take up Reiki practice, we often look for something to fix our minds on as the primary focus. It’s human nature to want to figure something out or to focus on the most important element. Often Reiki practitioners do this with Reiki. They focus on the hand positions, or the sensations, or defining […] Read More

Most important thing in Reiki { 6 comments }

Reiki while Traveling

One common disruptor of regular Reiki practice seems to be traveling. Many people today travel quite extensively for work, and this creates a disruption in their schedules, time crunches and fatigue. While most people are aware that Reiki practice will help quite a lot in the difficulties travel creates, many are often simply too exhausted […] Read More

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