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November 2016

Reiki and Mantras

It’s been a long time since I wrote something and when I was sitting today wondering what to bring in I decided I will talk about Reiki and mantras. You all must be wondering what connection a mantra has to do with Reiki. In my recent mantras workshop I discovered this secret and decided to […] Read more

Reiki and Mantras { 10 comments }

I Am Worthy

A client informed me she had just started a new job, with substantially higher pay than her previous position. The following mantra came to my mind, to be shared with her – “I am worthy to be financially comfortable.” She immediately wrote down the mantra, as it resonated with her thoughts and feelings about her […] Read more

I Am Worthy { 5 comments }

New Moon is a great day to start healing for any purpose and doing commitments. I would like to share a very simple technique which is inspired from Ho’oponopono, a technique brought by Madam Morrnah Simeona and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len. In this technique we will consciously bring divine love and light to ourselves while […] Read more

Illuminate Your Trueself Every New Moon { 4 comments }

Quick Money Ritual

Though very unlike me, I thought of sharing a money ritual today, which has helped me when I was almost broke! It’s simple and can be done by anyone any time of the day. Things Required: Cake Fruit Juice/Wine Soil Rock salt Water Yellow/Golden Candles (if unavailable use green, red or white) Olive oil 9 […] Read more

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New Moon Reiki Rocks

The new moon is the phase when the moon is not directly visible as it comes between the sun and the earth, though the back part of it is lightened. The new moon rises when the sun rises and sets with the sun and astrologically also they are in the same sign. Life is like […] Read more

New Moon { 4 comments }
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