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October 2016

Reiki and Abundance Consciousness

Abundance and Prosperity Consciousness is an essential thing to help us experience good luck, fortune, prosperity and abundance. When this consciousness is coupled with Reiki; it can bring greater results. Generally in Hindu custom, people start off with the Lakshmi Pooja from Danderas till the next day of Diwali. They do this pooja for three […] Read more

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Raphael’s Healing Bubble

I received this idea for healing when I was meditating and working with Archangel Raphael. He introduced and demonstrated this technique to me and I found it really simple and easy to use so I wanted to share it you guys as well. The process 1. Shield, ground and invoke the Reiki to flow through […] Read more

Raphael's Healing Bubble { 4 comments }

Creating Magic with Reiki

Being a Reiki practitioner, the most frequently asked question is “Does it create magic over night?” My answer is, Yes and No at the same time! You might have heard, in Reiki the most important aspects are regular self-healing and intention. We learn everyday through various experiences – some good and some challenging. It’s the […] Read more

Creating Magic with Reiki { 3 comments }

Reiki Heals Victim Mentality

It is really difficult to heal the victim mentality, especially when uncontrollable events in your life have made you feel like a victim. Perhaps, you have lived through a major natural catastrophe, like a hurricane or earthquake. Or, a fire or pipe break in your home destroyed many cherished items. You may be living with […] Read more

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The Most Surprising Reiki Block

I have added a new section to my Reiki 1 class that I feel important enough to share with everyone. Usually people are called to learning about Reiki because they want to make changes in their life or want to help others change and heal. Basically what happens through the help of Reiki is a […] Read more

The Most Surprising Reiki Block { 10 comments }
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